Break Out Sessions

Public Sessions Available

A dynamic and passionate speaker, Joni is a possibility catalyst who presents  new paradigms, creative approaches and practical methods to expand thinking and take new risks for more positive results.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Participants leave her fun interactive workshops with insight into their personal leadership, strategies for enhanced effectiveness, new communication tools for stronger relationships and out of the box solutions.

Custom Designed Solutions

Conference break outs, retreat sessions, group seminars are custom designed to meet your objectives and target audience.  Elements of corporate training may be adapted and included in your sessions.

Topics include:Custom Designed Solutions

  • Team Ignition and Engagement ::  The atmosphere of a team is a key indicator for engagement and productivity.  Improve collaboration, creativity and connection to increase results, create more team alignment, and enhance communications.
  • Leadership from Within :: Discover and develop more authentic leadership potential.  Connect to and leverage strengths, understand key motivators and step into power and purpose with more confidence and conviction.
  • Coaching Skills- Catalyst for Personal Success :: Core skills used by professional coaches can create more meaningful connections, and build stronger relationships.  This workshop can be tailored for managers, colleagues, customer care representatives, sales professionals in a workplace or educators, parents and spouses.
  • Speaking of Success :: Presentation skills, how to structure key message, develop personal confidence, create rapport and persuade listeners.  Practice new skills and receive  immediate feedback.
  • Say What? :: Communication glitches at workplace?  Being  misunderstood?  Or misunderstanding others?  Clear, consistent and congruent  messaging creates more meaningful conversations.
  • The Relationship Game :: If your relationships resemble any of the board games “Trouble”, “Sorry” or “Jeopardy” or if you’d just like to win more often at “The Game of Life”, then come learn the “cheats”.
  • Your Character is Your Destiny :: Character education program based on the principles of The Virtues ProjectTM. This training is ideal for schools, front line workers, corporate leadership training, or a personal development retreat for couples or individuals.

Additional Presentations

  • Leadership from the Inside Out
  • Personal Leadership for Young Professionals
  • Repairing the World
  • Dare to be Different- Thinking Out of the Box
  • Time: The Non-Renewable Resource
  • Who’s In Charge of My Life Anyways?
  • Balance in Change
  • The Inspired Business Approach
  • Square Peg in a Round Hole – the Competitive Advantage

Don’t see a topic you’re interested in?

That’s OK, please contact me at I’d be happy to work with you to design something to meet your group’s specific needs.