Corporate Programs

Coaching: A Key Leadership Competency

Corporate TrainingThrough a series of experiential games and fun activities in this one or two day training, participants learn core coaching skills, connect more deeply with one another, and the ability to shift the work environment by bringing heart, play and solid coaching skills into the workplace. Participants experience immediate success and competency in listening for the meaning behind the words, using curiosity to empower rather than problem solve, designing strategic purposeful alliances, giving and receiving feedback, creating accountability to generate better results.

The Coach Approach to Business

This program is ideal for leaders, managers, sales professionals, front line workers or anyone interacting directly with customers. It provides them with a new operating system that evolves organizational culture, transforms relationships and enhances productivity.

Leadership Development Program

Effective leadership demands risk taking, innovation, achieving higher level strategic results while inspiring and empowering others towards a common vision. Leaders who possess greater emotional intelligence effectively empower those around them to connect with more of their potential and purpose.

Effective Communications Workshop

In this one or two day program, participants learn how influence and enhance communications with direct reports, peers, or customers. They learn to be curious, ask powerful questions, listen for the unspoken, give and receive feedback, understand what motivates another, connect and adapt to others styles. Through fun activities and hands on practice, this program can connect participants to one another at profound level- making it excellent for team building.

Insights Discovery Session

A highly accurate and comprehensive psychometric tool to enhance team, individual or organizational effectiveness, Insights can be presented as a stand alone training or in conjunction with other sessions. Participants receive an in depth personality profile that identifies their unique communication style, value to a team, strengths and weaknesses, possible blind spots, areas for development and learn tools to adapt and connect with others for better results.

Team/Relationship Management Program

A blended approach of training and team coaching, skilled facilitators are also capable of delivering an intervention in highly charged workplaces to identify dysfunctional patterns, loosen juggernauts, diffuse conflict, uncover and neutralize hot spots in a safe way that respects individual viewpoints and moves the group to new and higher levels of understanding and cooperation.

Internal Coach Training and Coaching Program

Internal coaching programs that combine the expertise of an external master coach to train and develop internal coaches can provide a high return on investment and develop internal talent. Joni creates customized programs, trains and manages internal coaches, trains the trainers and program managers.

  • All training is customized to meet the organizations specific requirements. Teleclasses are a cost effective additonal option to deepen and sustain learning
  • Group process facilitation and other offerings are also available upon request. If you need something you don’t see listed here, please ask.