What Clients are Saying About…

One-on-One Coaching

“I found her to be extremely skilled in helping me to develop the skills needed to meet my own professional objectives within the healthcare industry. Her ability to work successfully with different levels of leadership from manager to Vice President is evident, as well as across very different personality types. I would recommend her without reservation.”

Chief Operating Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health

“I began to examine what I should do, what I wanted for me in my life.  I solved some issues that were plaguing me for a lifetime. It created many changes in my life.  It made me change the way I lead people.  I am more flexible now. I consider more when I make decisions….I’ve lost 40 lbs, my home life is smoother and I am up for promotion.  Other changes are coming.”

Senior Manager, Global Fortune 500 Company, Brazil

“…as the recipient of the B.C. Chapter, American Marketing Association prestigious “Marketer of the Year” award, I know a lot about being successful in business… Working with Joni for two hours ultimately led me to a decision resulting in a $25,000 sale! Joni Mar definitely has the expertise to help people and companies become more successful.”

George Vernon, President, FeatureWeb Langley

“Her acute insight and wisdom shifts you a few degrees away from what you were thinking towards a new outlook, which in turn can lead a person down a very different path.  New paths allow for new opportunities to present themselves, resulting in a transformative experience. Overall, Joni’s coaching has had a profound impact on me and has been instrumental in reshaping how I live my own life, both personally and professionally.”

Manager, Provincial Health Authority

“Joni is an authentic, inspirational and creative coach. She challenges you to see the big game you could play. It really is your agenda, but she will hold your feet to the fire for who you are becoming and what you truly want.  Joni embodies everything a master coach should be and if you are fortunate enough to work with her, you will be swept away by what is possible in your life.”

Mary Howard, M.Ed, CPCC, Designing Change

“Coaching with Joni has allowed me to discover and utilize both life and business skills that I didn’t know I possessed.  Joni is a courageous, insightful and highly skilled professional in her coaching and she can be tenacious!  She has kept me on course and by doing so I now have a richer and fuller life.  Over the past 2 years, I’ve had more opportunities come my way than I had every dreamed possible.”

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, International Brokerage Co.

Relationship and Team Coaching

“This was a group that was stuck in the storming stages and after your facilitation of the day we have unified as a group.  You were able to help the group see the unique gift that each individual has to offer and how powerful we can be once we acknowledge this and come together.  As well you have given us the vision and tools to action our goal of educating the public, family members, decision makers and consumers.

We feel most fortunate to have had someone of your calibre; you truly are a heart leader.”

Lisa Jiwa, Recreation Therapist, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

“Our group of 10 consisted of office/administrative staff and professional facilitators.  One of the most important outcomes of the session was that we developed a vision statement, “We Bring Life to Learning and Learning to Life”, which we are all thrilled with.  (They) guided us through the difficult process and made it seem easy!  We rated the session 91.4%.  I would not hesitate to recommend Design for Living for any company who is looking for assistance in a strategic planning session, a visioning session or team building workshop.”

Leslie Clark, President, 3e Training Inc.

  • “It was good to discuss the topics we did. I got a personal understanding of mine and other’s issues.”
  • “Less defensiveness will occur. I will be more aware that each department has its own stakeholders.”
  • “It was a “Perfect” fit for our needs…Good expertise, lot of “know how” to share, good communication and listeners. The form is perfect, interactive. Cool Stuff! Great!!!  As a team, if we can focus/concentrate we can accomplish great things. “
  • “Very informative and open discussions occurred. Kept things flowing smoothly/on topic.”
  • “Content was good and interesting that they were able to have it come from us. Rather than just telling us the issues. Found they were very good at what they do.”
  • “It was very useful and applicable. I LOVED! Both of the leaders. It was all very good but the commitment was the most useful.”

Annual Retreat- National Information Technology Team, Vancouver, Canada

Workshops and Training

“She successfully worked with approximately 250 participants with a wide variety of backgrounds, business experience, and personal coaching needs.  It was a pleasure to work with Joni, and to watch her work her magic with our participants.  I could always count on her work ethic, positive attitude, and strength of character to make a significant impact on the lives of our participants.”

Larry Moore, Program Coordinator, Professionals in Transition

  • “I will be conscious about using coaching techniques to enhance people engagement and support capability development. Enhances relationship building.”
  • “Take the time to be a person and relate as a person with others. In the end it improves productivity and team work. I will be less likely to try to ‘jump to the answer’.”
  • “Raised my attention on the value of letting people reach their own conclusions.”

Leadership Development for Global Senior Managers- Financial Services Industry, Chicago, USA

“Joni’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is a positive influence in the training room because she sees strengths in everyone and can influence change in the individuals she works with.  Joni is a professional trainer with excellent communication skills and a strong commitment to excellence.  I am certain she will meet and exceed your expectations in the facilitation of any project she undertakes.”

Julie Iuvancigh, Manager – CLBC Learning Centre, Community Living British Columbia

I have found Joni to be vibrant, present, authentic, a clear facilitator and highly gifted instructor.  Beyond her skills, were the “immeasurables”… With Joni, we all experienced a woman of heart and soul….She is a person who sincerely cares about people and puts herself authentically on the line demonstrating this care. I found Joni deeply respectful…”

Quaina Frost, CPCC Professional Coach, New Mexico, USA

  • “I learned how to successfully motivate individuals and drive them to an end goal”
  • “Not push myself or my agenda on people but let them come to it on their own.”
  • “A new approach to potential alliances, target relationships to invest in, value in human beings vs. doers”

Global Future Leaders Kick Off Training – Energy Industry, Milan, Italy

“As a course leader, Joni was knowledgeable, organized, enthusiastic, and passionate about the course content. She modeled the concepts taught in a manner that was open and transparent. Joni was a relaxed and natural leader who facilitated the growth and development of the participants.   Joni is gifted in working with others. I have witnessed her handling difficult participants with courage and kindness…..  The quality of her work and her ethical grounding has given me a standard to aspire to. Her vivacious and enthusiastic character makes her amazing to work with.”

Gloria Ulry, Faculty President, Olds College