Systems/Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Whether it’s a new team forming or an intact team undergoing change or even in crisis, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching identifies the team dynamics, leverages its strengths, resolves issues and enhances productivity.

istock_000005474184xsmallThe emphasis of this cutting edge coaching is on the interrelationships of the team as whole. This coaching can catapult your team or relationships to the next level by building on existing strengths, breaking through ineffective patterns, and creating clearer communication. This program increases productivity and positivity to become a sustainable, high-performance system that achieves improved results.

Common topics include developing team strengths, conflict resolution, moving through team challenges, integrating geographically dispersed teams.

Partnership/Relationship Coaching

Everywhere we go in life we are in relationship. Relationship systems coaching focuses on what the entity known as “the relationship” needs to flourish successfully.

In a professional environment we interact with colleagues, report to managers, or work with a business partner. Relationship coaching can help you interact more effectively, navigate competing agendas and connect more powerfully with another at home or at work.

Spouses, children, siblings…our most meaningful personal relationships are often our most challenging. Unresolved issues can pile up over time stressing the relationship. Harmony can be difficult to sustain as individuals grow and circumstances change.

This coaching supports both individuals to create a more powerful relationship so that 1 + 1 > 2!

Group Coaching

Different from team coaching, multiple individuals working on similar goals, issues or roles attend coaching sessions together with one coach. They work independently on their specific individual topics rather than as a unit.

Coachees support one another in peer support calls in between the sessions. This option is designed for highly motivated individuals and is not suitable for performance issues.