1:1 Coaching

Executive/Leadership Coaching

Tiger EyeThe senior executive’s role is high pressure, frenetic and often very isolated. Worldwide, top companies recognize their key decision makers make more effective decisions experiencing more success with the support of an external executive coach.

The coach can provide clarity and insight on competing agendas, present an external perspective on internal issues, provoke creative solutions and ensure the executive’s own career or developmental goals remain on track.

Coaching gives executives an objective robust environment to keep them sharp, challenged and growing their leadership edges.

Corporate/Management Coaching

Everyone in an organization is a leader. This coaching rewards high performers and further develops them by leveraging their unique leadership capabilities, enhancing their executive presence or aligning them even more powerfully with organizational objectives.

The coach provides tools, support and structure for the leader to accomplish more focused results. Specific targets and key measures are set and tracked in the coaching. This coaching typically increases employee engagement and retention.

Business/Sales Coaching

This coaching is for sales managers, account executives, entrepreneurs and business owners who want accelerated growth with more ease. Business development, sales and marketing, time management, business systems and work/life balance are some of the common hot topics. Clients report increased creativity, innovation, strategy and results from their coaching.

Individual Coaching

Coaching can create deep, lasting and profound changes in the coachee’s life. Through coaching they become more connected to their values, unique abilities and what’s REALLY important to them.

They gain clarity about what they want and how to achieve it. By taking more effective and focused actions, coachee’s become more passionate about work and life, are more fully engaged, have invigorated momentum and experience a more satisfaction, joy and balance in life.

This can also be customized to coach performance management issues.