What exactly is a resource?

A re-source, according to Merriam-Webster:

  1. a source of supply or support an available means
  2. a natural source of wealth or revenue
  3. a natural feature or phenomenon that enhances the quality of human life
  4. computable wealth
  5. a source of information or expertise

Scientific Extrapolation

American philosopher Thomas Kuhn noted that scientific progress is non-linear. It requires the push-pull tension of competing and complementary ideas to transform current ways of thinking. Rather than recreate the wheel over and over again, we can create so much more in our world by experimenting and extrapolating from the genius and genesis of others.

Food for Thought

Resources support, feed and nourish us. Ideas are sparked, paradigms shift. Abundance, opportunity and new realities are possible. The intention of this section is to provide you with thought provoking information which will be valuable, relevant and beneficial to you.

My vision for this section is to inspire you and the creation of new ideas through the materials here.  Also that you would contribute to others in exchange – creating an eclectic array of resources. Share something as simple as a cool website, a radical article, a new perspective on an old theme.

Usage Rights

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Your Feedback is Appreciated…and Essential

On the internet, it’s ‘virtually‘ impossible to know of the impact without feedback from you. Email me any comments you have on any of the resources. I also want to hear about fabulous materials, tools or articles that would be valuable to share in this section. I will attribute you as the source.