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Coaching cancer

June 10, 2011
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In my 11 years of Co-Active coaching, the toughest coaching client I’ve ever had has been my mom. She had never dared to believe she had any right to ask for what she wanted. Even her own life. So the concept of living a fulfilling life was not merely a “radical act,” but a foreign […]

Desiderata- a tribute to my dad

May 24, 2010
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Desiderata is a prose poem written in 1927 by Max Ehrmann (1872-1945) a poet and lawyer from Terre Haute, Indiana.  It has been reported that Desiderata was inspired by an urge that Ehrmann wrote about in his diary: “I should like, if I could, to leave a humble gift — a bit of chaste prose […]

Lost Generation

May 17, 2009
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This video demonstrates how easily we can believe our perception is ‘The Truth.’   At the same time, it also highlights how there isn’t “One Truth” only different interpretations of something. There is only ‘our truth.’  And ‘our truth’ is not even that reliable.  It shifts with our perceptions.  That means ‘truth’ can change from one […]

Free Hugs Campaign

April 14, 2009
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An Australian man known by the pseudonym “Juan Mann” (pronounced one man) carried a Free Hugs sign in a Sydney mall on June 30th 2004 in an effort to give and receive a free hug from a stranger because he needed one himself  that day. Mann said, “The first person who stopped, tapped me on […]


April 9, 2009
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This very clever 16 min film is SO worth the time it takes to watch! It is a great reminder of the power our words have on others.  Remember your mom used to say, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”?  Well, mom was right.  We have the ability to literally make or […]